London Homz the name born with an idea to design not only homes but also to create milestones for lifestyles. Its elite class collection designed by its designers and manufactured at its own state of the art manufacturing facility by highly technical and skilled professionals.We Have twenty years experience in sales, projects, product and installation knowledge makes London Homz the ideal partner to create the optimal living place, combining taste and practical needs of those who will live in it.



Transforming Dreams into Designs is the philosophy of designers at London Homz as it ensures to understand and convert its customers’ thoughts into designs and develop unique and luxurious interior and products to make the customer feel that their dreams are converted into design. Liveliness of the eye and the thoughts are presented in the most luxurious sense at London Homz.


The on-going evolution in the experimentation with new technologies and processes are fundamental for London Homz, which has always strived to innovate its functional performance and the aesthetic qualities of its products. As a result of this on-going research, all-new properties have been introduced such as transparency, flexibility, resistance to atmospheric agents, softness and touch, and surprising and special colours.In addition to being practical and functional, London Homz products are also sensual and precious, and radically transforms the perception of a product from a merely functional object to a veritable luxury item.